Ask yourself; who would they kill if they couldn’t kill wildlife?

This is killing with impunity.

This is an obsession with killing, & death!

The mindset of those that stalk/maim/kill other animals, is to justify egregiously cruel behaviors.

Quite possible that they have deluded themselves into believing it.

Bottom line-

Guns will always win.



Killing a being, and then preserving the victim’s body is typical of serial killers.

When….WHEN will speciesists have the ability to see this for what it is?

This is perverse. Demented. Abnormal preoccupation with death.

Serial animal killers keep mementos…up to the body, or at least, body parts of their victims. 

A natural predator!

Fuck you hunters
with your guns
My teeth, my strength
are my weapons
Fuck you hunters
and your traps
You’d shit your pants
to cross my path
Without your guns
You ain’t shit
I’m a true Apex
You, I’d surely outwit
Fuck You, hunt scum
Stay out of my home
Go shoot at each other
& leave my kind alone.