Modus Operandi

The act of posing a victim’s body in an specific position is a conscious action by a killer to impress the viewers with the scene, and/or to give perverted pleasure to the killer.
The killer documents for many reasons;

-shock value
-ego inflation amongst the small population of other kill happy characters
-to relive the moment




The method of operation, [modus operandi], consists of techniques, habits, & peculiarities consistent in a killer’s behavior.
Photography by the killer might also showcase deliberate alterations of the scene, which includes the position of the victim’s body.
Sometimes the alterations are merely known as ‘staging’.
However, in some cases, the alterations might serve the needs of the killer’s fantasy- referred to as ‘posing’.

The killer may pose the victim with the weapon.
-The victim could be killed elsewhere, then, for the sole purpose of capturing a scene the killer desires, the body will be moved to another [more photogenic] area.

Does the posed & photographed victim’s bodies help to relive the memories in the future & stimulate the killers obsession with sadism?

Are the photographs a statement regarding the worth of the victims?

No ‘crime scene’ tape….
….yet something heinous happened.


Why do people enjoy hurting other animals?
…because it makes them feel powerful.
…they simply enjoy pain & violence.

This ilk suffers some serious psychological problems that ain’t gonna go away.
Psychological intervention is essential for them….but, instead they have legal means to satisfy themselves.

Who would they target if they couldn’t kill wildlife?


My blood will never buy you grace

You’re just another Sadist case

A military grade weapon carrying disgrace

A grip on compassion, you ain’t got a trace

A dirty mouthed smirk plastered on your face

You’re a synthetic killer; not your natural place

Tears are shed for my kind, to kill me- a waste

For you- comeuppance will come! Post haste!

[The blood of a Fudd, my kind wants a taste]

Your barbaric & cruel killing volition

I avoid your kind [innate bipedal suspicion]

The lies that you tell, paint my kind the villain 

It’s you & your ilk that crave my blood spilling

Your eager trigger finger ready for killing

This forest is mine, Fudd. You’re unbidden 

Voices sing my name. You remain unforgiven

Your killing of my kind is utterly senseless 

Because I kill deer? Fudd, I’m morally offenseless

While your ilk lack the most basic moral compass

You camo clad, gun toting, bipedal menace

Traps. Arrows. Bullets. Snares. You lot are relentless 

Military costumed, faux apex pretentious 

The big, bad lore you use to demonize?

 A bounty on my head, the greed monetize 

Smear campaign chock full of wolf lies

To trap me, then shoot me, then self aggrandize

May my teeth be the last thing seen by your dark, deadened eyes.




There’s a manifest appetite to disgust & shock.
Killing defenseless beings is morally repugnant.
Wildlife vs military weapons-night vision-thermal scopes-electronic calling devices.
This is not hunting, this is all out warfare against animals.
The remorseless pride in every boastful kill pic.
The social media hunters threads are crimson filled carnage.
A grotesque visual feast for the hungry eyes of voyeuristic sadists that delight in extreme animal cruelty.
Wildlife snuff video. Lifeless bodies, tongues dangling from still mouths, fresh blood reflecting light.
The social media world is rife with cruel masses demanding more blood like a digital Roman mob.
The people want animal blood spilled.
Hell, it’s legal.


Staged, posed, heavily filtered….
All to show a violent death.
Hunting photos
Shared amongst the, albeit small, population of serial thrill killers.
Is this the Elmer Fudd contribution to modern art?
Why the morbid fascination with making death, only to capture death in the most scenic landscape, or most flattering light?
That’s not to say it isn’t an individuals monetary gain, also…
Here’s an acrostic to accompany this grotesque & heartbreaking photo taken by the killer.




Published by Hyde

Vegan Abolitionist Animal activist, AntiSpeciesist, artist, poet, writer, chronic illness fighter

8 thoughts on “Modus Operandi

  1. The photo of the bloody knife and the comment “vulgar display of power” I disagree with. It is not power at all. It is pathetic cheating becuz no CUNTer could get close enough to a wolf and take it down with a knife unless the wolf had been disabled first. Those assholes could never win in wolf-to-cunt combat.


      1. O.M.G.! I thought it was wolf’s blood. How unspeakably abhorrent to murder one of God’s creatures in the most painful manner … speechless with anger and sorrow.


      2. Actually was killed with a bow, then their still warm heart is cut out. Most often a bite is taken out or eaten in a demented fudd death cult rite.


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