Fun kill psychopathology

Causing pain, suffering & death to another animal, and doing it for personal pleasure, is THE definition of a psychopath.  These Fudd’s should not be allowed anywhere near other animals that cannot defend themselves against modern weapons, and electronic calling devices.
What kind of behavior do we as a society want to encourage on our public lands?
This documented cruelty & caption [which resembles psychopathology], or that resembles empathy?
The sadistic  “fun” ol’ fudd has when a hungry coyote shows up beckoned by an electronic ‘prey in distress’ caller. Then, in an obscene display of guiltless power; Elmer punches a hole into the soft, warm body of the tiny natural predator with a high power rifle. The killing puts Fudd in ‘control’…..And just like in psychopathic killings, this unconscionable cruelty is being inflicted on a being that’s done nothing “wrong.” Coyote live as nature intended them to live. They’re a keystone species. They’re no match for traps/snares/guns/thermal scopes/baiting/luring/electronic callers.
Egregious animal cruelty.
Thanks for documenting your killings.
They’ll be sure to be shared, & shared again with the 94% of society that doesn’t kill animals, & opposed animal cruelty.
Keep em coming, Fudd.

Published by Hyde

Vegan Abolitionist Animal activist, AntiSpeciesist, artist, poet, writer, chronic illness fighter

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