Hunter taunts

Why do the majority of predator killing Fudds taunt others?

Taunting creates, for them, a target to project their revenge from childhood trauma.

😴Let’s forgo with all the pschobabble…

Emotional extortion tactic used by predator killers-

I.e. …I’ll dedicate my next kill to you…

…I’ll write your name on the bullet…

…Every time you reply, I’ll kill another wolf…

Don’t fool yourselves, kids. They will kill no matter what…Fudd doesn’t need you for an excuse. They just enjoy juvenile behavior. I mean, really.




Christ…sounds like 5 minutes into recess at grade school.

For this tiny Fudd clique it isn’t just about the kill. It is about (what they perceive to be) power. They have deluded themselves into believing they have power over life & death, and start seeing other people with opposing views as targets. (Which makes em feel good n powerful)

They actually get off on power, manipulation & sadism, so taunting/threatening activists (for the animal they killed) feeds that enjoyment.

Think of something you enjoy; let’s use going to an amusement park.

Seeing photos, looking at/displaying your souvenirs, talking about it brings back all of those feelings of enjoyment, right?

Serial killers are the same way. They’ve done their cruel and sadistic actions to their victims, and then they think about it, remember it, look at videos, and they prolong the enjoyment.

Taunting activists about what they’ve done, or what they are planning on doing, is just another way to prolong enjoyment.

Don’t worry tho…

They will mostly hurl arbitrary threats at you….‘I’ll kill one for you’… as if they were quelling their bloodlust until you showed up. Pfft.

Or, will pepper you with ad hominem arguments…. a favorite is- ‘you’re ignorant’.

Mmmmhmmmm, Elmer. 4% of the population are omniscient. Ahahahaha

Ban hunting

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Vegan Abolitionist Animal activist, AntiSpeciesist, artist, poet, writer, chronic illness fighter

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