Wolves need YOU

Wolves are monogamous, remaining faithful to their mate throughout their life. Wolf parents are protective, & will self sacrifice guarding their young.
With brains similar to elephants, gorillas, dolphins, & (some) humans-
Wolves educate their young, teaching hunting strategies, & imparting elders wisdom to all younger members of the pack.
Wolves, like orca (& some humans), take care of their injured & elderly in their family group. Thriving on strong social cohesion; wolf pack relationships require cooperation between each individual family member.
Interesting wolf behavior that is important to note:
Dominant Males usually adopt their rivals pups when they take over their pack. The alpha male either- forces the rival male into a subordinate role, exiles him, or, kills him.

Wolves naturally help keep deer & elk populations in check; herbivore numbers grow quickly which results in overgrazing, thus destroying ecosystems. Wolves predation on wildlife benefits, both, plant & animal species. Carrion of their natural prey works to redistribute nutrients, thus naturally providing needed food for other wildlife species, including grizzly bears, & all scavengers.

Now is the time for human redemption!
We cannot repeat mistakes we’ve made in the past!
Protection for this vital species is a moral, & biological imperative!
Wolves are NO MATCH for unnatural bullets, Snares, & steel traps!
They’re a soft bodied mammal, that must kill prey species in order to survive!
Their killers demonize them in efforts to use scare tactics for support in their desired destruction of these vital beings!
This natural keystone predator is crucial in keeping ecosystems healthy!
The wolf is of this earth, & WE CANNOT ALLOW a microcosm of HEEDLESS destroyers to continue wiping them out!

Published by Hyde

Vegan Abolitionist Animal activist, AntiSpeciesist, artist, poet, writer, chronic illness fighter

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