Hunting is killing

Free animal killers claim they-

‘know where the meat came from’…

‘don’t support industrialized farming with overcrowded, sick animals’…

They justify killing, & inflicting unnecessary harm on wildlife for ‘personal choice’.

A vulgar display of power considering soft bodies of animals, after all, are defenseless against a bullet fired from a high-powered gun.

Wildlife killers do not speak out against factory farming in any other canon, rather, conveniently using it as justification for killing animals, which self serves.

It is a narrative that blankets their own complicity in animal cruelty, & animal death.

They claim to provide food for their family as if animals were theirs to kill for consumption.

Their SM accounts show their kill photos of ‘organic’ free animal corpse.

If self sufficiency, sustenance, & high standards are what they’re selling…it ain’t being bought by any individual with a shard of brain power.

The very evils hunters claim they ‘refuse to be party to’, they dole out themselves.

Such cruel acts against any animal is contemptible not only because of the suffering it produces, but because of what it reveals about the individual.

It’s easy to find killing any animal morally repugnant.

Plagued with luxuries of modernity…

animal killers, today, count on others for their clothing, vehicles, condiments, smartphones, internet, entertainment, weapons, gadgets, pasta, furniture, diesel, cheese, beer, booze, toilet paper, soap, cutlery, coffee, air conditioners, etc…but, draw the line at supermarket meat?

They spew self appeasing praise whilst pedaling their fictive tale, to justify killing sentient beings, to gorge on corpses.

DIY killers cite the importance of this ‘closeness to the killing process’, because industrialized systems severs human relationships with other beings.

They themselves sever the connection to animals when they plug a bullet into an animals body from a long distance.

Their ability, & weapon grossly enhanced by technology is not ‘hunting’, it is killing.

Closeness indeed.

It is a human wielding might equals right mindset over another animal.

Cherry picking data to support an argument is Confirmation bias, also myside bias.

It is seeking out, & interpreting information that confirms beliefs while giving disproportionately less attention to fact that contradicts it.

Bottom line- free & farmed animals are meals in waiting for ALL non vegans [despite who does the killing]

All beings suffer egregious cruelty by weapon wielding human hands.

Killing is killing.

They claim ‘ethical’ because they don’t want animals to ‘suffer’ a natural death.

This is where much doublespeak comes in to play.

They claim mowing down animals with weapons is the ‘circle of life’.

They claim natural selection is ‘cruel’.

They are obviously ambivalent when it comes to ‘nature’ doing what nature does best; population control.

Notice how their justification always works in their favor?

Confirmation bias.

A projectile from a gun, creating a sucking chest wound is a ‘humane’ death for a deer, according to their killers.

A captive-bolt gun, creating a hole in the skull before plunging into a brain is a ‘humane’ death, for a farmed animal, according to their killers.

A pack of hungry predators choosing the weakest/oldest/sickest to prey on and kill is a ‘cruel’ death.

A weapon toting human choosing the strongest, biggest male to stalk, maim, & kill is a ‘ethical’ death.

When was there ever a proclamation that nature is both fair & kind?

Guns are an unnatural death for any animal.

Other animal are exempt from human constructs of good or evil.

Other animals are moral creatures living as nature intended them to.

Humans that adhere to a might equals right mindset over other beings is inherently cruel.

No animal is a match for a bullet.

Published by Hyde

Vegan Abolitionist Animal activist, AntiSpeciesist, artist, poet, writer, chronic illness fighter

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