Vermont wildlife trapping

Trapping animals is egregious cruelty for several reasons.

In addition to setting a trap to deliberately cause a free animal pain, injury, limb loss…traps are archaic. Medieval tools of a frontieresque trade that is redundant and repugnant inside of a society that strives for co existence.

A trap clamping down on a leg, paw, or neck causes grossly unnecessary physical harm.

Traps cause broken bones or lacerations to all of the animals caught in them. Caught? Yeah, not so much…trapped. 

Depending on the actual trap that is used, animals suffer for extended periods before they are found and then killed. (Little regulation allows traps to be checked once every 24hrs or even longer.)

Ever actually ponder the inhumane methods used to kill trapped animals? 

Bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat, a pipe, a hammer, drowning or suffocation. I have photos of all methods being used. Gotta save the fur, in many instances. Unless it’s for fun, then they’re shot at point blank range. 

This is acceptable?

This is okay to do to a free or domestic animal?

Have we forgotten humans are animals?

Let’s go through what all animals suffering experience, shall we?

Psychological harm. Yes. Any trapped animal experiences extreme fear, stress, and anxiety, leading to significant psychological distress. High levels of cortisol are pumping through their bodies as their fight/flight instincts kick into overdrive.

Ever see your pet dog get caught on or stuck in something accidentally?

Well, why would you accept any other animal intentionally feels that panic?

Speaking of pets…traps are INDISCRIMINATE.

Unintended victims of set traps are waiting ANY hapless animals, including pets. Also, traps have injured/killed farm animals, eagles, and other endangered species. 

These animals suffer & die needlessly. For a microcosm of the population, these perverse and horrific ‘tools’ of a dying trade are legal?

Imagine, if you can, your kid walking in the woods with the family dog. (You needn’t imagine, you can google it) Suddenly, the dog is trapped. Seeing their dog trapped, panicking , in pain is about as helpless a feeling a kid can get. Also, witnessing animal violence is a traumatic experience, especially if they witness their pet being hurt or killed. That trauma can manifest and show up as reoccurring nightmares, anxiety, or avoidance behaviors. It’s can also inspire fear, as well as aggression. What else can witnessing animal violence do? It can desensitize children, hardening them to an apathetic patina.

Hell, on the other hand, witnessing animal violence can also foster empathy for animals in some, leading them to become advocates for animals like it did for me.

For a healthy society, outlaw traps. It promotes violence toward other animals. Trapping also leads to the unsustainable ‘harvesting’ of wildlife populations, & indiscriminate trapping of ANY species. Synthetic removal of key species disrupts ecosystems and harms other wildlife, plants, insects, etc.

For both environmental and ethical reasons:

Ban trapping. It is cruel and archaic, having been used for thousands of years as a means to obtain food & clothing, but today, trapping is neither humane or sustainable (or necessary). Besides, there are actually other methods for obtaining those resources. Everything can be done in a more ethical and regulated manner, with the goal of minimizing suffering paramount, all while continuing to preserve the balance of ecosystems.

Bottom line: Trapping animals is a cruel, outdated, & unnecessary practice that should be phased out in favor of more humane and sustainable methods.

Hunting hard

I ain’t real short
I’m average, not tall
But, my dick is veritably small
My microscopic nuts- the size of a golf ball
I gotta COMPENSATE, all in all…
..can’t just drown my pencil-dicked sorrow in alcohol..
So, I got me a prodigious gun, to kill & maul
Making animal blood flow like a waterfall
Pew-pew-pew, I shoot, & down they fall
What’s my devoid of soul, limp dick protocol?
Bang-Boom-rat-a-tat KILL EM ALL
A bloody, murder-fest free-for-all
My brutal killing of animals…totally LEGAL
Gonna Mount that bucks head on my wall
I’ll tell my hunter friends about it in hunter drawl
Gives me a tingle in my puny cock & balls
….despite the animal that I just blasted
My lil pecker is still half-masted
Erectile-dysfunction- half hard/half flaccid
But, i got this gun so massive
For big, strong alpha me
Hunting season makes me happy
Getting food for my family
You see?
Gunning down animals gets me horny
Going on a camo prancing murder spree
Rock hard camaraderie
Hunting harem filled with glee
It’ll breathe life back into my oh-so-puny
teenie weenie
[size of a flea]
I’ll climb on up, ‘n hide in a tree
I’ll sit, & watch, wait, & see
For hapless animals foraging, carefree
They don’t expect big, strong alpha me
Or my impressive, deadly weaponry
Big racked buck coming, oh what a sight to see
Dang, it’s increasing my dick size….temporarily
Ooooh, the crotch of my cargos is getting weighty
This buck is a deadbolt, & I’m the fucking key!
Gonna open him up, ‘n that ain’t hyperbole!


Outlaw Serial Killing

Culture of déath

Pointless killìng
& Targeted
Scope, bullet, arrow
Cold blood murderéd

Serial killérs
Heads on their wall
& Showcase
Their victims face
Repugnant disgrace
Trophy killér
Killìng spree
Society accepted activity
No fairness, no referee
Bloody paid-for murdér scene

Murderoùs business
Thrill kîll
Fun kìll
Dead animal
Corpse maker
Big bucks generator
Species eliminator

Eradicate the killérs
I am a hüntér hater
Hünt the hüntérś
Make them pay
Doughy & gunless…
…such easy prey

Wolves are indispensable

A (kind of) brand spanking new study by University of Minnesota & Grand Portage Band scientists found that wolves caused deer & moose to segregate. Wolf predation keeps deer & moose from mingling which decreases white tail deer spreading parasitic brainworm to moose. This is an ecosystem seamlessly working.

Brainworm is a high cause of mortality in adult moose; infection causing them to stumble, behave erratically, walk in circles, & appear paralyzed.

White tail deer host the brainworm, along with a plethora of other parasites, the worm living out it’s life inside the brain of a deer. The brainworm is harmless to deer, call it a biological truce, but is almost always fatal to moose. This parasite (Parelaphostrongylus tenuis) is causing moose populations to dramatically decline.

The study found-

->The majority of moose & deer seasonally migrated with both species preferentially different to habitat selection.

->Moose & deer intermingle during spring migration, & summertime- both being the highest time for brainworm transmission.

->Wolves predation put pressure on both species, thus causing a greater natural segregation between the two across habitats, which reduced the transmission risk of P. tenuis.

Wolves PROVE to provide a natural protective benefit from parasitic transmission.

Wolves keep deer & moose apart, NATURALLY working to spare moose from a deadly parasite spread by deer.

For centuries, moose have co-existed with wolves.

White tail deer? Only in the last century, but in the last 50 years deer have been pushed into moose territory, bringing parasites with them.

P. Tenuis infected deer do not show signs because they are the normal host. Abnormal hosts- moose, mule deer, elk, caribou may display the following:

• ataxia (unsteady gait, loss of voluntary muscle control)

• listlessness

• general weakness

• fearlessness

• apparent deafness and/or blindness

• circling

• unusual head tilt or neck position

• inability to feed/forage

• emaciation

• paralysis

Research shows;

⁃ With wolf pressure, deer & moose used the landscape differently. During winter deer occupy lowlands, while moose favor highlands.

– When there were fewer wolves around, deer & moose would overlap, increasing the risk that moose would pick up brainworm from the deer.

The wolf is a keystone species is indispensable to keep HEALTHY balanced ecosystems.

Stop killing wolves!

Hunting is killing

Free animal killers claim they-

‘know where the meat came from’…

‘don’t support industrialized farming with overcrowded, sick animals’…

They justify killing, & inflicting unnecessary harm on wildlife for ‘personal choice’.

A vulgar display of power considering soft bodies of animals, after all, are defenseless against a bullet fired from a high-powered gun.

Wildlife killers do not speak out against factory farming in any other canon, rather, conveniently using it as justification for killing animals, which self serves.

It is a narrative that blankets their own complicity in animal cruelty, & animal death.

They claim to provide food for their family as if animals were theirs to kill for consumption.

Their SM accounts show their kill photos of ‘organic’ free animal corpse.

If self sufficiency, sustenance, & high standards are what they’re selling…it ain’t being bought by any individual with a shard of brain power.

The very evils hunters claim they ‘refuse to be party to’, they dole out themselves.

Such cruel acts against any animal is contemptible not only because of the suffering it produces, but because of what it reveals about the individual.

It’s easy to find killing any animal morally repugnant.

Plagued with luxuries of modernity…

animal killers, today, count on others for their clothing, vehicles, condiments, smartphones, internet, entertainment, weapons, gadgets, pasta, furniture, diesel, cheese, beer, booze, toilet paper, soap, cutlery, coffee, air conditioners, etc…but, draw the line at supermarket meat?

They spew self appeasing praise whilst pedaling their fictive tale, to justify killing sentient beings, to gorge on corpses.

DIY killers cite the importance of this ‘closeness to the killing process’, because industrialized systems severs human relationships with other beings.

They themselves sever the connection to animals when they plug a bullet into an animals body from a long distance.

Their ability, & weapon grossly enhanced by technology is not ‘hunting’, it is killing.

Closeness indeed.

It is a human wielding might equals right mindset over another animal.

Cherry picking data to support an argument is Confirmation bias, also myside bias.

It is seeking out, & interpreting information that confirms beliefs while giving disproportionately less attention to fact that contradicts it.

Bottom line- free & farmed animals are meals in waiting for ALL non vegans [despite who does the killing]

All beings suffer egregious cruelty by weapon wielding human hands.

Killing is killing.

They claim ‘ethical’ because they don’t want animals to ‘suffer’ a natural death.

This is where much doublespeak comes in to play.

They claim mowing down animals with weapons is the ‘circle of life’.

They claim natural selection is ‘cruel’.

They are obviously ambivalent when it comes to ‘nature’ doing what nature does best; population control.

Notice how their justification always works in their favor?

Confirmation bias.

A projectile from a gun, creating a sucking chest wound is a ‘humane’ death for a deer, according to their killers.

A captive-bolt gun, creating a hole in the skull before plunging into a brain is a ‘humane’ death, for a farmed animal, according to their killers.

A pack of hungry predators choosing the weakest/oldest/sickest to prey on and kill is a ‘cruel’ death.

A weapon toting human choosing the strongest, biggest male to stalk, maim, & kill is a ‘ethical’ death.

When was there ever a proclamation that nature is both fair & kind?

Guns are an unnatural death for any animal.

Other animal are exempt from human constructs of good or evil.

Other animals are moral creatures living as nature intended them to.

Humans that adhere to a might equals right mindset over other beings is inherently cruel.

No animal is a match for a bullet.

Wolves need YOU

Wolves are monogamous, remaining faithful to their mate throughout their life. Wolf parents are protective, & will self sacrifice guarding their young.
With brains similar to elephants, gorillas, dolphins, & (some) humans-
Wolves educate their young, teaching hunting strategies, & imparting elders wisdom to all younger members of the pack.
Wolves, like orca (& some humans), take care of their injured & elderly in their family group. Thriving on strong social cohesion; wolf pack relationships require cooperation between each individual family member.
Interesting wolf behavior that is important to note:
Dominant Males usually adopt their rivals pups when they take over their pack. The alpha male either- forces the rival male into a subordinate role, exiles him, or, kills him.

Wolves naturally help keep deer & elk populations in check; herbivore numbers grow quickly which results in overgrazing, thus destroying ecosystems. Wolves predation on wildlife benefits, both, plant & animal species. Carrion of their natural prey works to redistribute nutrients, thus naturally providing needed food for other wildlife species, including grizzly bears, & all scavengers.

Now is the time for human redemption!
We cannot repeat mistakes we’ve made in the past!
Protection for this vital species is a moral, & biological imperative!
Wolves are NO MATCH for unnatural bullets, Snares, & steel traps!
They’re a soft bodied mammal, that must kill prey species in order to survive!
Their killers demonize them in efforts to use scare tactics for support in their desired destruction of these vital beings!
This natural keystone predator is crucial in keeping ecosystems healthy!
The wolf is of this earth, & WE CANNOT ALLOW a microcosm of HEEDLESS destroyers to continue wiping them out!

Deer hunting

Biological carrying capacity

(Deer RARELY exceed it.)


What is evident of the ‘over abundance’ hunting myth is that overpopulation of deer is a direct result of killing (hunting) them.


Look folks, if deer were to overpopulate an area that couldn’t sustain their numbers, good ol nature will regulate.


*…It ain’t like it’s nature’s first day on the job…*


When humans interfere with nature (deer hunting) is when over population becomes an ‘issue’.


Wildlife management/State agencies incentive is revenue generated from selling licenses.


Forests are clear-cut to create ideal deer habitats to provide hunting opportunities, which, you guessed it, helps sell more licenses.


Clear-cutting areas significantly increases deer numbers, AND is destructive to the environment.


Deer are treated as commodities… ‘resources’ that are exploited for pleasure, & monetary gain.


F&G, fuddspeak, & state agencies refer to deer killing as ‘harvesting’….as though they’re fields of wheat. Deer are sentient beings that are objectified, & reduced to the same status as crops.


Deer season gun/bow crosshairs hone in on mature males with big racks. No scrawny deer.


Each individual buck mates with SEVERAL doe, which makes a lot of fawns.

This throws deer herds out of whack. How? Doe produce, at least, 1 fawn. However, over half (67%) of mature does produce twins.


Hunting creates more deer.


Relist Wolves

Wolves act purely on their survival instincts; moral beings

behaving as nature intended. Wolves do not self reflect,

& have no other options other than living as designed.

Nature is harsh, yes, but that isn’t to say it is ‘unethical’.

The human animal has the ability to:

self reflect

empathize with other species

& the option to cause more, or less suffering.

The difference between wolf species, & human species

is that wolves are intrinsic to nature itself.

Nature, while harsh, is not unethical.

The human animal is unethical because it is our willful choice to cause

unnecessary suffering.

Wolves are neutral beings, &

does not cause unnecessary suffering by an act of will,

instead by existing in the way nature intended.


Trapping animals

Do you enjoy barbaric sport?

Do you want to cause an animal lingering pain, fear, & suffering before you kill them?

Are you into the cruel and outdated?

Do you enjoy maiming before killing?

Do you have no moral qualms about killing animals?

Do you dig lethal methods that cause another being to suffer terribly for no reasonable purpose?

Do ya wanna destroy wildlife (and sometimes pets) on public, private, protected lands, & recreational areas?

Trapping is for YOU!

You can enjoy merciless animal cruelty without all those sticky regulations that come with gunning down free animals (hunting).

You can take pleasure in your contentious pastime anytime!

Sure, it’s an old-time, inherently cruel industry that fewer people support every year, & the general public abhors…but do what gives you a big ol happy! $$$$$

Predator killers

86 #wolves obliterated in #montana

Understand the psychology behind killing animals.
Take a quick meander through the diabolical discourse of hunter to hunter (wanna be, novice, seasoned, serial).
Look at the language that they use.
Fudd speak contains doublespeak…
Fudd speak is pro violence, & empathy bereft.
Deep seeded hatred for the predator species they obliterated.
The proclaimed satisfaction from being ‘one with nature’.
Only the nasty antisocial types say ‘killed’…
Most employ ‘harvest’, ‘collected’, ‘dispatched’….
Now, take a good long look at their smiles.
Did killing another sentient being give them pleasure?
Sure as hell looks like it, yeah.
Apex…ahaha…with a high powered weapon.
Dark triad, folks.
The love of draining the life’s blood of another being.
Again, understand the psychology behind killing animals.